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Draw Bet: Learn How To Win?

If you have understood the simple bet well, you now know that you can stack on several possible outcomes. So, we believe that draw bet can bring you great benefits in the long term.

Indeed, the odds for this outcome will turn out to be much higher than the others. To win, you don’t necessarily need to bet on a fixture’s favorite. Finding an accurate draw bet is not easy, but it can pay you big. To take advantage of it, follow our advice on this type of betting.

Draw Bet

Bookmakers for your draw bets

Some bookies are better than others, they offer you quality draw bets. When betting on a draw, the odds can sometimes vary enormously. So choose the best bookmakers to increase your winnings, We recommended these bookies:

Where to find draw bet?

Betting on a draw is fine, but not all sports allow you to place this winning prediction. Indeed, some individual disciplines such as tennis will necessarily determine a winner after a duel. For other sports, there is a draw, but it is very rare. Therefore the odds of the bookmakers for this issue will be extremely high. Football (soccer) is the most popular game that gives you the most draws. The odds are varied and those for draws are often higher than for other outcomes.

Why bet on a draw?

The draw bet is an incredible opportunity to increase your profits. Indeed, the odds for this outcome will always be high in order to weaken the risk of loss for the bookmaker.

Only 20% of tipsters are tempted by the draw bet. So you have an incredible opportunity to increase your earnings with a pro technique.

Why are the odds for a draw bet big than the others? Quite simply because they have to be between two other cases. If the difference (gap) between the teams is high, then the odds of the draw will be very attractive.

Draw Bet

How to predict a draw?

As the other predictions, you will have to analyze the match before placing a bet on the draw. Remember to carefully assess the context of the duel, the form of the teams, the timetable, and the objectives of each team from the event.

Statistically, you can try to bet on the draw for an event that doesn’t have such importance for both teams. When the teams are at similar levels or when it is a “derby”, you are more likely to see a draw. Finally, if you are focusing on football (soccer), consider analyzing the tactics of both teams: if both are playing on the defensive level, a draw is very likely!

Example: the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid are regularly quite close and therefore result in draws.


The draw bet is very interesting to play, as much for the newbie bettors as for the confirmed ones. It allows you to stack at fairly high odds. A practice that can therefore yield very good gains, especially if you make a combined bet with several draws.

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