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Making Money In Football Sports Betting : 5 Techniques To Win

The world of sports betting is far from obvious. Newbie bettors always wonder: it is really possible to make money in sports betting? The answer is yes.

On the other hand, a rigorous strategy and well-optimized methods will have to be adopted to succeed in your bets.

Before you want to make any money in sports betting, you need to register with a bookmaker. Take advantage of reviewed lists online to get started with peace of mind. Indeed, the welcome bonuses of the bookmakers usually offered will reimburse your first bet in cash if you lose. It’s your turn!

Football Sports Betting

Define a strategy for successful sports betting

Before discussing sports betting strategies, it is worth remembering that luck is always present in online gambling. You have to take it into consideration and accept it. Losing money is also a part of the game.

The long-term goal for any bettor is to cash in more money than he gives to the bookies!

No tipster has the perfect strategy

As stated below, sports betting is also based on this notion of luck. A club like Real Madrid can lose on the 18th day against Granada. Few would have bet on it, but the outcome of the event is never certain.

The strategies and techniques associated with sports betting do not always make you win every time. As with poker, the techniques allow you to reduce variance, win more often, and avoid disastrous management of your bankroll. A good player must keep his accounts, play according to his standard of living, and know how to take a step back (and even take breaks).

What mistakes should you avoid to win in sports betting?

Sports betting is sometimes cruel and it is easy to lose your money. Some mistakes are common and can be avoided. You will see that these errors are not just for others!

Here are several reasons that can explain a loss of money in sports betting:

  • Stack big (too much)
  • Expecting to win big profit with a single bet
  • Bet on extravagant odds
  • Feeling bet: Bet on a team or player just because you like it
  • Expecting to recover your lost at all costs
  • Bet on an event because it felt good
  • Bet when you are tired, stressed, or in a bad mood
  • Combine too many matches on a single sports bet

You will understand, many mistakes can negatively affect your earnings. By playing this way, you decrease your chances of winning long-term money in sports betting. Change your habits and correct your mistakes to increase your profits. The above errors are fairly easy to correct, it would be silly not to!

Football Sports Betting

The strategy to Fellow: “Play small to win big”

Contrary to popular belief, you should not stack small on a big odds to hope to win often and regularly in sports betting.

Of course, one day you might be lucky enough to make a big splash and fill your bank account quickly, but the “random” variable is greater as the odds of your bet increase.

To make money in football betting, you need to bet on the events that have the best chance of success and choose them carefully. Generally, odds between 1.20 and 1.60 are safer and by stacking on this type of bet, you will increase your chances of coming out with excessive cashout.

From a purely mathematical standpoint, you should know that odds of 2.00 means a 50% chance of winning a bet. And to be more accurate, we must add to this percentage, random variables as well as statistics on the form of players, teams, and various elements that can influence the game. We will talk about this a bit later in this article.

By betting rather low odds, you increase your chances of winning your football bets. Above all, avoid the classic “low odds don’t pay off” discourse that is found in many bad bettors.

Forget single bets & bet on double chance

Depending on the sport, it is best to move towards double chance bets. This is the case in football betting, for example. If you bet on a football match, you will have three possible outcomes:

The victory of the home team
The draw
The victory of the away team
Mathematically, you have one in three chance of winning your bet. By opting for a double chance bet, your cashout profit will certainly be lower, but your chances of success drop to 2/3 (66.33%).

Analyze the football events to bet online

Just like soccervista, vitibet.., there are many sites that offer statistics to help you analyze and place safely your bet online. Take advantage of this information to analyze a football match on which you want to bet. As you aggregate the data, you may find that this encounter is too risky to play.

Which match to bet on?

You now know the profitable strategies in sports betting and the mistakes to avoid. Selecting the right fixtures and matches is also part of a good online bettor.

To succeed in your bets, you will have to find matches with double or single odds between approximately 1.20 and 1.50 to maximize your chances of winning.

To find double chances at this level, all 3 results (team 1 wins, draw, or team 2 wins) must have odds greater than 2.00.


Then you can match your double odds to get combined bets with interesting odds over 2.00. Even so, this is an added risk and your chance will decrease as you increase your bets on a single ticket.

Where can I find reliable and accurate predictions?

Once again, no tipster has the accuracy and the predictions offered on most sites are, above all, in-depth analyzes of one or more sporting events. These forecasts will help you go faster in your decision making. The analysis having already been done, you will only have to collect the data and make your own choice.

At BetOnFoot, we mainly offer football predictions. The accuracy is high and all tips are made with the best intentions. The best practice is to make a selection of 4 to 5 football websites and check the predictions provided by each site before placing your bets.

Optimize & manage your bankroll to earn more money

Good management of your bankroll is essential in order to make long-term money in football betting.

The bankroll is your starting capital and the money you deposit on a betting site (bookmakers). This starting sum can be greatly optimized by taking intelligent advantage of the bonuses offered by bookies.

To properly manage your bankroll and track all your bets, use an excel sheet (you can find plenty on the internet) to organize your work.

Increase your starting capital thanks to welcome bonuses

Prospecting new customers is the main activity of bookmakers. To attract these new bettors, sports betting sites are ready to sacrifice a lot and will offer you very attractive bonuses when you register.

As of this writing, 1xbet, Betwinner, and Bwin offer the best bonuses with a first bet refunded in real money up to a maximum of $100.

Bonus condition: add $100 to your first deposit. Remember to validate your account. When you place your first bet, bet $100 on any events of your choice. If your bet is losing the sum of $100 is refunded in full to your account and this sum can be withdrawn from your player account. In case of a successful bet, you will win $100 multiplied by the odds of your bet.

Take advantage of the many welcome bonuses offered by bookmakers to build your starting capital. Do not be afraid to register on several bookies and take advantage of their bonuses to start with a good starting sum and increase your online betting choices.

Increase your bankroll without taking any risk

To increase your bankroll without taking excessive risks, you must reinvest your profits every time your account increases by 10%.

Let’s imagine that you start with a capital of $100:

Usually, I bet $5 per bet, which is 5% of my bankroll
If my bankroll reaches $110, I could start increasing my bets from $5 to $5.50
If my bankroll reaches $121, I could increase my bets again and go from $5.50 to $6.05
And so on. Consider backtracking if you experience losses and the hard law of variance

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Be rigorous to win your sports bets

Online gambling methods such as poker or sports betting are risky games where it is easy to lose a lot of money. However, with careful management and by opting for verified strategies, you decrease the risks and increase your chances of winning big continuously!

Adopt the right actions and rigorously manage your bankroll to succeed in your bets.


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