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Win Your Football Bets With Correct Score

Betting on the correct score or on a specific number of goals is always the best profitable sports betting strategy, no matter what you think of it. However, the correct score is not always used wisely or used at all by seasoned bettors. Too bad, personally, I use it on the Betfair bookmaker with a lay (0-0).

In this article, you will learn how to win your football predictions with this strategy.

Correct Score Bets

What is the correct score bet?

On the Pinnacle site, we learn that the correct score is one of the most popular types of bets, but this is only the case for casual bettors. Indeed, in football betting, one of the most popular markets is to predict the final score at the end of the game. Easy, fast, and classic.

Strangely, this is not the type of bet that is played the most by professional bettors. I’m not really surprised by this result because, let’s be clear, depending on the sport, there can be lots of possible scores! So you will agree, betting on the correct score, even in football, is therefore quite a balancing act!

As you know, the odds for each event provided by the bookmakers are based on probabilities and statistics. The odds for the exact scores are therefore necessarily higher because they are more difficult to predict.

Also, be aware that due to the number of possible outcomes and the level of risk that exists, bookmakers apply a larger margin than in the case of conventional odds (single bet,under/over…)

You now have a better understanding of why the correct score can be attractive on paper with those higher odds if your bet wins!

Why should bet with lay (0-0) correct score?

This is the case with the correct score strategy that I use on Betfair. When I use this tactic, I mainly bet Lay 0-0.

What is Lay 0-0? It is no more and no less betting on a score that we believe cannot happen! We are therefore not looking for the exact result, but we are betting on a result that has no chance of happening!

The big plus with Betfair is that by doing this you can immediately see what you can win or lose using the betting simulation.

Correct Score Bets

What is my exact strategy?

The technique can quickly be exciting for those who are keen on statistics and betting data. We can quickly get caught up in the game …

When I place correct score bets, I systematically follow these rules:

  • Always take odds below 25: the idea is not to lose your entire bankroll! Pay attention to the correct score, because the odds being higher, they can be easily misleading and too attractive. You can lose a lot!
  • Always put security at 6 (at least between 5 and 7): deducting from the first point, you can easily understand why. For my part, I believe that security (backorder) of 6 is the best risk-reward ratio. Once you have placed your Lay 0-0, watch live how the odds evolve throughout the match…
  • Use the free betting data Software: that software will help you better analyze the possible results. You have statistics for all the past seasons.
  • Watch out for the multiplier effect of the lay! With the lay, your bet equals your profit so no “fire” on improbable scores. Calculate everything before placing a bet and don’t hesitate to use the Keep function so that the bet is registered and validated automatically even if you are not present at the right time.You have seen that it is possible to make money with the correct score, but only if you follow good rules that will prevent you from losing too big using this technique.

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