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best sports betting twitter accounts

Best Sports Betting Twitter Accounts

In the modern digital age, Twitter has become an invaluable platform for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike. It’s a hub of real-time updates, expert insights, and engaging discussions about various sports events and betting opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor looking for informed perspectives or a newcomer seeking guidance, these top sports betting Twitter accounts are worth a follow.

sports betting twitter accounts

1. @Covers

Covers is a well-established source for sports betting news, analysis, and advice. Their Twitter account provides valuable information on the latest odds, trends, and expert picks for a wide range of sports.

2. @bet365

One of the world’s leading online gambling companies, bet365, offers a comprehensive Twitter feed that includes live updates, odds changes, and notifications about their latest promotions.

3. @SportsInsights

Sports Insights offers data-driven insights and analysis for sports bettors. Their Twitter account shares valuable information about line movements, betting trends, and notable wagers from professional bettors.

4. @ActionNetworkHQ

The Action Network provides a wealth of information for sports bettors, including betting strategies, live odds, and expert analysis. Their Twitter account keeps followers informed about breaking news and offers unique perspectives on betting events.

5. @ESPNChalk

ESPN Chalk is ESPN’s dedicated platform for sports betting coverage. Their Twitter account delivers news, analysis, and stories related to betting across various sports leagues.

6. @RJinVegas

R.J. Bell is a prominent figure in the sports betting community. His Twitter account, @RJinVegas, offers expert insights, analysis, and opinions on sports betting and the gambling industry.

7. @kellyinvegas

Kelly Stewart, known as “Kelly in Vegas,” is a professional sports handicapper and media personality. Her Twitter account provides expert picks, analysis, and an inside look into the world of sports betting.

8. @VSiNLive

VSiN (Vegas Stats & Information Network) is a reliable source for sports betting news and insights. Their Twitter account offers live updates, interviews with industry experts, and valuable betting information.

9. @BetTheBoardPod

The Bet The Board Podcast provides comprehensive coverage of sports betting topics. Their Twitter account shares podcast episodes, expert picks, and discussions about betting strategies.

10. @oddsshark

OddsShark is a popular platform that provides up-to-date odds, betting trends, and statistics for various sports events. Their Twitter account keeps followers informed about odds changes and offers useful betting insights.

11. @PickSixPod

The Pick Six Podcast covers NFL and college football betting with a humorous and informative approach. Their Twitter account shares podcast episodes, betting tips, and engaging content for football enthusiasts.

12. @TheLines

The Lines is a platform dedicated to providing news and analysis for sports betting and gambling. Their Twitter account offers timely updates, insights, and opinions on a wide range of sports events.

13. @bettingprosNFL

BettingPros focuses on providing expert analysis and consensus picks for NFL games. Their Twitter account shares valuable insights and recommendations from a variety of betting experts.


In conclusion, Twitter has evolved into a dynamic platform for sports betting enthusiasts to gather information, engage in discussions, and access expert insights. These Twitter accounts provide valuable content, analysis, and updates that can enhance your sports betting experience and help you make informed decisions. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the world of sports betting, following these accounts can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and resources to enhance your betting strategies.